Luxury Hand & Body Cream 4oz Jar

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New Scents!🍭"Lollipop Guild" a perfect blend of Lollipops, Salt Water Taffy, Sour Watermelon Candy, and Strawberries
🐒"Flying Monkey Farts" a tropical mix of bananas and Juicy Grapefruit, with hints of Kiwis, Bubblegum, Strawberries, & Pineapples (to me it smells just like banana runts🍌😉)

Our creams contain benefical ingredients:
·Honey, which is a great natural anti oxidant and anti-inflammatory
·Goats Milk, which is high in triglycerides, protein, & Vitamins A, B6, B12 and E ·Shea Butter, which will moisturize and leave a silky protective barrier, its amazing for all skin types.
·Vitamin E, can help prevent redness, puffiness, and other general inflammation in your skin. It can also help prevent signs of aging and wrinkles.